Admissions Policy Consultation

The Governors and Trust Members have agreed the proposed The Heights Primary Admissions Policy for 2021/22 which includes the following changes:
  1. The address of the school has been updated in line with the move to the permanent location (on the second paragraph of the introduction on page 1).
  2. The data point has been updated to the site of the new school building at the new address (section 7 – catchment area and data point definition).
  3. The fact that the divert rule does not apply if the older sibling was an In Year Transfer has been added (note 3 on page 3).

All changes to Admissions Policies need to undergo a consultation period before being finalised. The consultation for this policy will run until 31/1/2020.

To view the proposed Admissions Policy please click here.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback relating to this Admissions Policy, please send all comments to the Clerk to the Governors (email