Rights Respecting School Award – UNICEF

At The Heights Primary, children and adults are working together to recognise and act   upon the rights of the child.  They will learn this through the United Nations Conventions on the rights of the child (UNCRC).  This is a comprehensive human rights treaty that highlights specific children’s rights in international law.  It consists of 54 articles.  When children are taught to understand their own rights we believe that they will then appreciate and respect the rights of others.
During the year through PSHE class activities, events and assembly themes, our children will learn that:
  • They have rights and that they should be informed of those rights.
  • They should be helped to exercise and enforce their rights.
  • Those rights should lead to responsible actions.
In addition children can benefit with:
  • – Improved self esteem and well being
  • – Improved behaviour and relationships
  • – Enhanced moral understanding and support for Global Justice
  • Positive attitudes towards diversity in society

We are very proud to have received our Gold award as a rights respecting school. Please use the link below to see our UNICEF assessor report
Useful links to further information can be found at:
If you have any questions, comments or enquiries about this award, please email info@theheightsprimary.co.uk with the subject line FAO: Mrs Cook