Special Educational Needs

Our SENCO’s at The Heights Primary School are Mrs Mullaney and Mrs Van Schie.
Mrs Mullaney works Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Van Schie works Thursday.

You can see updates here:

Dear families,

It is sometimes challenging to know how to discuss war and conflict with children.  Please find below some links to organisations that advise about how to talk to children about scary world news.



Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if your child is feeling anxious.

Take care,

The Heights’ SENCo team

Please find below information by the National Handwriting Association.  They cover how to support good handwriting and typing skills at home.


We hope you find this helpful.


Please find attached Reading SEND Local Offer.

You can access  the SEND Local Offer directly or visit the SEND Local Offer site at www.readingsendlocaloffer.org should you need help, information or assistance.



Hello families,

In recognition of Dyslexia Awareness Week, I would like to share some useful resources and websites to support our dyslexic learners.




If you feel that your child displays dyslexic tendencies, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Mrs Mullaney

Hello families,

Many of the families that I support have communicated to me that their children’s sleep behaviour has changed during Lockdown.  This is understandable however research shows that poor sleep negatively impacts behaviour and emotional regulation.  Therefore I wanted to direct families to the Great Ormond Street website where there are lots of top tips for establishing good sleep hygiene.


I hope this is helpful.

Take lots of care,

Mrs Mullaney


SEND Information Report

Reading Borough Council SEND Local Offer

Reading Services Guide
A huge range of information including support services, childcare, short breaks, activities, information on support for carers and much more…..

Accessibility Plan

Equality Policy

The Heights has a SEND Support Group for Parents, more information can be found here.

Under 5’s
Do you have a child aged 0-5 with special educational needs/disabilities? Would you like to get some support, talk about your concerns or just chat to other parent/carers over a cup of coffee while your children play? 
Families Together
 – Special Needs Support Group can help you.
Come along to one of our informal, relaxing drop In’s, you will be made very welcome!  Families Together groups run at 3 children’s centre’s on different days at different times, see the links below to find out more…http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=7xc3dM-Af7U&familychannel=3-12-1