Local Advisory Board Members (LABs)

We are delighted to have  a Local Advisory Board, previously known as the Governing Body, with an appropriate mix of experience and a wide range of relevant skills. Our Chair of the Local Advisory Board is Anne Bajorek.

Anne Bajorek – Anne is a Parent Local Advisory Board Member (LAB) and took on the role of Chair of the Local Advisory Board in October 2021.  She has two daughters at the school.  Anne has worked in the charity sector for 25 years, the last 15 years in a senior charity management role. Her professional expertise is in fundraising, communications and organisational and strategic management.
Linda Glithro Linda Glithro – Linda has extensive experience of primary education and school management, having taught in the local area for more than 30 years and been an inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Since retiring from full-time working, she has co-authored a number of primary maths text books for various leading publishers. She has been a governor (now known as a LAB) since the school opened in 2014.
Matt Gale Matt Gale – Matt has previous governance experience at another primary school, as well as advising Trustee boards in his role as a pensions consultant. He is a member of the Trust and was responsible for setting up the governance structure of the school. He has been a governor (now LAB member) since the school opened in 2014.
Esme Tiplady Esme Tiplady – Before children Esme was a primary school teacher, going on to lead a team providing support to children with emotional and behavioural problems across an education authority: She learned a lot about what makes a well-run school. She is passionate about high standards but equally about school as a community and a place for children to develop emotionally and socially.  Esme now teaches in a specialist SEND school. She enjoys supporting the school and representing Heights parents.
Barney Smith Barney Smith – Barnaby was elected as parent Governor  (now LAB member) in Oct 2015 and now has 2 daughters at the school. With a background in analytics and scenario modelling in a variety of roles Barnaby has a continuing passion to help the school flourish.
Daniel Pagella – Dan is a Chartered Surveyor with extensive experience in commercial property development projects from warehouses to hospitals. He was appointed to the Governing Body (now LAB) in January 2021, having been a Trust Member and passionate supporter of the school since its inception in 2013.

Laura  Tudor – Laura was appointed as a Community Local Advisory Board Member in November 2023. She is a lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate transactions, working with private entities and public bodies in the telecommunications sector. Having lived in Caversham for most of her life, Laura is keen to support the school and contribute to the local community.



Jess Tyrrel – Jess manages an alternative education provision for post-16’s having helped set up the social enterprise in 2015. Jess is a trained coach and is currently studying an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change.  She specialises in working with teenagers and the adults in their lives and has a deep passion for wellbeing.  Jess is used to working in a small education start-up and understands what is needed to scale it.
Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Anderson MBA RLC – Nigel is a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army and has served within the Royal Logistic Corps for over 25 years. He is a logistic specialist, has extensive leadership experience, and is happiest when driving organisational change and team building. A keen student, he actively promotes life long learning and lives by this ethos himself.
 Aimee Crofts – Aimee is a Parent Governor (now LAB member), who is also a Headteacher at another Reading primary school. Through her roles of ‘Leading Practitioner’ and ‘Literacy Network Leader’, Aimee has worked extensively in leading and developing teachers across the Borough. With a Chemical Engineering degree as her background, Aimee has also worked with the Department for Education as an expert panelist for assessing both primary mathematics and science.

School Governors will play a key role in the future success of The Heights Primary. Ofsted (the national body that inspects schools) has stated:

Good governance at a school is of huge importance and can have a considerable impact on the success of a school. Governors play a critical role in guiding, supporting and challenging schools.

What are school Local Advisory Board Members (Governors)?

The National Governors Association describes school governors as ‘individuals who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education’. They give up their own time on a voluntary basis (i.e. unpaid) to help provide a high standard of education.

What is a Local Advisory Board (Governing) body?

The Local Advisory Board is made up of the individual Local Advisors and is established, in law, as a corporate body. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the Local Advisory Board, and individuals do not have the power to act independently. The Local Advisory Board usually meets at least three times a year.

What are the responsibilities of Local Advisory Boards?

The Local Advisory Board sets the strategic aims and objectives of the school, and monitors progress made towards achieving those. The Headteacher will be responsible for implementing the strategic plan of the Local Advisory Board, as well as the operational issues involved in running a school.

The Local Advisory Board’s responsibilities include the following:

  • setting targets for pupil achievement
  • making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based

More information on the role of school Advisory Board Members/Governors can be found at the following sites: