Vision and Values

At The Heights Primary we aim to  care for your children in an engaging, nurturing, inclusive and safe environment. We provide a full and varied curriculum delivered by qualified and inspirational teachers to help prepare your children for the future, as well as equipping them with the skills and enthusiasm they need to pursue and enjoy learning for the rest of their lives. We encourage the children to have and demonstrate a sense of individual responsibility and become contributing members of the different communities they belong to. We are deeply committed to building a community network and fostering close relationships with all of our families.

We aim to enable children to fulfil their own unique potential, growing into confident, capable individuals ready to thrive and achieve success in secondary school and beyond. We hope to instil within our pupils a love of learning and  to support their academic, social, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical development by delivering on our core values:

• Thoughtfulness
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Trust
• Compassion
• Commitment
• Co-operation
• Courage
• Positivity