School Uniform and Essentials

Our policy is to have a seasonal uniform and not to restrict the choices available by gender. Please ensure your child/children are dressed smartly in the correct uniform.

Uniform is supplied by M&S and available by clicking on

Your School Uniform : Marks & Spencer

SUMMER – Any combination of the following:
Red polo shirt with crest *
Grey shorts, trousers, skirt or skort
Red checked dress/playsuit
Grey, white or navy socks
Navy school sweater or cardigan with crest *

WINTER –  Any combination of the following:
White shirt
Red school tie Grey shorts, trousers, skirt or pinafore
Grey socks, navy tights or socks
Navy school sweater or cardigan with crest *

In Reception children may choose to wear winter or summer uniform throughout the year. Once the children move into Year 1, the winter and summer uniform policy should be followed.

Navy polo shirt with crest *
Navy shorts or skort
Navy sweatshirt/fleece
Navy tracksuit trousers for outdoor games in winter
Extra socks to change into

Please provide your child with a drawstring bag for their PE Kit and not a rucksack as there is currently not enough room on the Reception pegs to accommodate rucksacks.  Please note that plimsolls are not part of the PE uniform. When children participate in Gym, Movement or Dance indoors, they should do this in bare feet unless there are medical reasons not to. All outdoor activities require the children to wear trainers.  Each child will need to have their own P.E. Kit which is brought to school on a Monday and is returned home on a Friday.

Sensible black shoes that you can run and play in.

* All starred items plus book bags are available from Marks & Spencer.
School ties are available to purchase from the school office.

All jewellery should be removed and earrings covered with tape for PE lessons.
Watches should be removed and long hair should be tied back.

Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name to minimise loss, confusion and distress to your child.

 ** Most children find the short sleeved shirts more comfortable to wear than long sleeved shirts.

In addition your child will also need the following items when starting school:

Navy Blue Book Bag*: The blue Heights Book Bag is used by our children each day and contains homework, reading books and newsletters from the teacher / school.

Water Bottle: All children should have a water bottle which is filled with fresh water each day at home and then brought to school for use in the classroom.  We ask that the bottles only include water and not cordial or fruit juice.  The bottle is then returned home each day after school.

We know that children concentrate better when they drink regularly and keep hydrated.

Weather protection: When the weather dictates, please apply a long lasting sun cream to your child before school and ensure they have a sunhat to wear.

Please ensure your child has a suitable waterproof coat or jacket, waterproof trousers, gloves and a warm hat so that they can learn and play outdoors.

Wellington Boots: Please ensure that a pair of named wellington boots is kept at school for your child to use throughout the school year.

Coats: Please ensure that your child brings to school a warm, waterproof coat as much of our curriculum is based outside unless the weather is exceptionally unpleasant.

Please ensure all items brought into school are clearly named.