You said…We did…

In response to the recent parents questionnaire the following actions have been taken

YousaidI would like a communication book so that parents can convey information without having to grab teachers at drop off or pick up.
WedidWe have now introduced a weekly communication sheet (parent planner) in each year group which gives an overview of what is happening in class. Practically we feel that teachers won’t be able to read and comment on 25 communication books every day but teachers are happy to meet with parents to discuss any information they have or parents can email the school office regarding any urgent queries.
YousaidIt would be great to see something like the daily mile or ‘physical warm up’ implemented at the start of the day.
WedidWe would love to implement this too. With our hall being used for breakfast club, we are unable to use this as soon as the children come in as breakfast club staff are still using the space. Space for whole school physical activity is extremely limited on our temporary site however we now have the use of a tarmac area the children use during break and lunchtimes.
YousaidWith the school’s growing SEN intake, will the school be implementing more dedicated and permanent facilities/resources in this area?
WedidOur high quality provision for our children with SEND is something that we are passionate about. We are constantly reviewing our resources for children who have SEND. We provide personalised provision and support on a case by case basis. We also invest in staff training in various types of SEND to ensure that staff have good knowledge of a range of conditions. The provision that we offer can be viewed on our local offer which can be found on our website and:
YousaidI would like more information about what the role of a governor does.
WedidWe ran a session explaining the role of governors and trustees in Summer 2017 and are open to running another.  We have some information on the school website regarding the role of a governor.  If you have any specific questions about our governors you can contact our chair of governors Nick Walden on:
YousaidI would like French or Spanish to be taught and Forest school skills.

WedidWe currently have a French teacher who runs after school French lessons three days a week.  We also have a parent who runs Chinese/Mandarin lessons after school.  Our Year 3 children are learning French as part of the curriculum and we are also hoping to place a Spanish student in the school for a year from September who will be able to offer Spanish lessons.

YousaidWe would like a permanent site big enough for the whole school.

WedidThe Education Funding Agency (EFA) are close to announcing plans for the permanent site. We are very hopeful that this site will provide us with the space that we require.

YousaidI am concerned about the deadline for the permanent site and the building of a permanent home for The Heights.

WedidThe Education Funding Agency (EFA) are close to announcing plans for the permanent site. They are confident that the build of the permanent school will be within the stated deadline of September 2018.

YousaidCould we have more than one ‘watch us at work’ session in a week so that parents can share childcare arrangements for siblings?

WedidWe now offer a crèche at our ‘watch us at work’ sessions which are held during the school day.

YousaidWe would like more music sessions for the children.
WedidOur children will continue to have weekly music lessons in class.  We now have a school choir which is extremely well attended.  The Year 3 children are learning cello in school and the Year 2 children are learning the recorder.  Our piano and violin teachers will also continue to offer music lessons in and outside of school time.
YousaidWill there be an opportunity to review the school uniform?
WedidYes.  We arranged a school uniform working party.  As a result of this we now have a non-gender specific uniform which incorporates a wider choice of clothing combinations.
YousaidIs there an opportunity to increase the number of piano and violin lessons that are held at the school?
WedidYes.  We have created a new music room within the school building which will increase the number of piano and violin lessons that we can offer.  It also provides an uninterrupted space for music provision.